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This is a post written with Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor currently in Beta testing phase. Gutenberg is WordPress’ page builder like editor. It brings blocks of editor modules into the WordPress editor. This paragraph is a block of text.

This is another block of text.

Basically, every paragraph is a block of text on its own.

How about a two column row?

Besides turning a paragraph into blocks of texts.

Gutenberg also comes with columns.

This paragraph is written in the first column of a a two column row.

This here is the second column in this particular row.

This here is another paragraph in the test with columns. Even in columns, each paragraphs are separate blocks.

Following is a 3 column row

Column 1

This works almost like Divi’s blurb module.

Column 2

This works almost like Divi’s blurb module

Column 3

This works almost like Divi’s blurb module.

Columns within columns

Column 1-1

Column 1-2

What is a cover image?

Text Over Cover Image

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